Vannacci's madman on the European anthem: “Who composed it? Vivaldi”. And on Egonu: “Nothing, sorry, I just told the truth” – The video

“Vannacci, who composed the Ode to Joy?” is the question that surprised the controversial independent general candidate of the League in the European elections of June 8 and 9. “Good question… Wouldn’t it be Vivaldi?” replied Vannacci as a guest of The air blown, sinking into an admittedly significant imbecile, especially on the eve of the elections for the new European Parliament. The Ode to Joy is actually the European anthem and is taken from the Ninth Symphony, composed in 1823 by Ludwig van Beethoven. Asked about his conception of a statesman, a term he attributed on several occasions to Benito Mussolini, he gave his point of view: “The definition of a statesman is not a list of achievements: anyone who has held a leading role is a statesman. Stalin was, Mussolini was.” He then also intervenes on the confrontation with the Italian volleyball player Paola Egonu, who found herself among the targets of his highly contested book. The world upside down. The athlete also filed a complaint and, in recent weeks, a public letter from Vannacci addressed to him appeared to apologize. But today the general is clarifying things and returning to his (former steps): “I never wrote a letter of apology to Mrs. Egonu: I have nothing to apologize for, it was a clarification but I have stated the obvious: that the majority, some Italians are not black. I did not say that she was not an Italian citizen but that although she was an Italian citizen, she had somatic characteristics that do not belong to the majority of Italians.

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