Max Pezzali fills stadiums but feels a bit like a boomer: “Social networks? I'll go back to paid SMS”

Max Pezzali fills stadiums with his Max Forever tour. Already 400 thousand spectators, including fathers, sons and grandparents: “Let's say it's not just a question of generation. It's just that I see them, they are together for one thing, in this case the concert. This doesn't happen with anything else: each one, depending on their age, has their own playlist, their own TV series that they watch alone, their own conversations on the phone. For once in the family, they look each other in the eye and say: come on, let's go to the concert together”, he says in an interview with Republic.

The nineties

Pezzali says that in the 90s “there were also great hopes, the Wall fell, I remember a huge demonstration against the mafia in Palermo with young and old inside. There was a spirit of the times…” But nostalgia is a trap. “Don't tell me. I have the nightmare of passing for a baby boomer, or that young people constantly tell me so. And so from an old analogist I become analytical, I think about it, I think that having lived in the time when you had to search hard for beautiful things, songs, films and everything else, allows you today to enjoy all this ease of pleasure: music that falls into your hands without being asked for, a crazy offer in the face of a demand that does not hold, the quantity that eats away at quality.”

Artificial intelligence

According to the former leader of 883, artificial intelligence “frees us from all the boring and repetitive human occupations, and will do so more and more because it is unbeatable on what already exists, on what already exists. And at that point, people will have to wake up and stimulate their creative side, get out of mental laziness.” Then he mentions the discussions on social networks: “If it were up to me, I would go back to paid SMS. Since everything is accessible to everyone, this kind of continuous dissent has spread and has especially infected everything else, politics first and foremost, or information. I still believe that it would have been better to stop earlier: I know very well that it was impossible, obviously. I am still one of those who subscribe digitally but the newspaper must be the paper newspaper, with the hierarchy of news that someone has chosen and offers me. When I find cascades of identical things thrown there, the meaning of it all explodes.”

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