Elon Musk and the theory on the end of NATO, the historical slip corrected by his own social network

New blunder (historical) for Elon Musk. Corrected by the features of his own social network, “I always wondered why NATO continued to exist even though its enemy and reason for being, the Warsaw Pact, had been dissolved,” Musk wrote in his comments . However, in his historical reconstruction, there is an error. And it is precisely X, his social network, which points this out to him. Under the message left by Musk, a note appeared, added by users, which states: “The Warsaw Pact was born in reaction to NATO, and not the other way around,” we read. The entrepreneur's intervention is part of Sacks' reflection on the “existential crisis” of NATO itself after the “collapse of the Soviet Union” in 1991. “His reason for being was no longer there – writes Sacks -. It has not been dismantled. In fact, she found a new mission: to develop. And in a loops constantly self-referential, NATO expansion would have created the hostilities necessary to justify its existence. »

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