Turin, the worker sentenced for kissing a woman without her consent: “It’s sexual violence”

The Turin Court of Appeal ordered a worker to compensate a cleaning lady. He had kissed her during her shift without her consent. She reported him for sexual assault. The scene took place in front of the company's coffee machines and dates back to July 2016: “We were having coffee, laughing and joking. Then I put on headphones so I couldn't hear anything. I felt his arm grab me and he pushed me against the wall. And he kissed me on the mouth. It traumatized me. » After the kiss, he asked, “Could I?” “. And she replied: “That’s something you shouldn’t do!”, says the Turin edition of Repubblica today. The prosecution requested the conviction of the accused for sexual assault. The judge acquitted him, finding that the accused was convinced of the existence of complicity between the two. After the judgment, the victim addressed the civil judge. Which proved him right, condemning the accused to compensate him.

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