Turin, attack on a police car: 5 attackers arrested. Mattarella: “Proximity of the officers attacked” – Video

Five antagonists were arrested and identified by the police during the fight that broke out in front of the Turin police headquarters, where a police car was attacked to prevent the transfer of a migrant to a deportation center. The five women have been released and are being investigated for resisting a public official. A police officer was injured. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella called the police chief to inform him of what happened and to express his solidarity with the attacked police officers. Mattarella also reiterated his trust and closeness to the police. Immediately afterwards, the President spoke with Minister Piantedosi. The minister spoke of an “unacceptable act of violence” against the Police, “symptomatic of the climate of poisoning and suspicion to which the police and the police have been subjected in recent days, to whom I express my solidarity and my proximity.

A group of 50 people, independent of social and anarchist centers, surrounded a police car with the intention of freeing a man of Moroccan origin who was to be transferred to a repatriation center before extradition. The man was arrested on Monday evening for covering the walls of the Corso Grosseto underpass with offensive writing. During the day, he was taken to the ASL headquarters, in via Farinelli, where around ten antagonists broke in as a sign of protest. The car was kicked and punched while someone tried to open the doors, then the man was taken back to the police station. After the arrests made by the officers, the anarchists then gathered in a small procession which headed towards Piazza XVIII December. Along the way, some passing cars were damaged.

“I express my firm and total condemnation for what happened today in Turin where dozens of independents from social centers surrounded a police car, attacking the police car and the police officers with kicks and punches to try to free a man of Moroccan origin. who had to be accompanied to a repatriation center”, declared the President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa. “I hope that those responsible for this unprecedented violence can soon be identified and, sending my affectionate wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured police officer, I renew my deep gratitude to the women and men of the police force.”

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