Turin, offers four girls a drink and abuses two of them: 30-year-old man arrested

A 30-year-old man has been arrested in Turin for attempted rape of four girls, including one aged sixteen. The charges he will face are sexual assault on a minor and attempted assault on an adult. As reported by the newspaper The imprinteverything allegedly happened in Borgo San Paolo, a district of the Piedmontese capital, on June 30. The girls told investigators that they had met the man they already knew in a club. At first, the thirty-year-old offered them a drink and then, at the end of the evening, he offered to take them home.


However, with an excuse, he arrives at the door of his apartment and invites them to come up. And that's when the violence began. Shortly after returning home, the 30-year-old man went downstairs with the youngest girl in the group to buy cigarettes, but once on the street, he forcibly pushed her against a car and abused her. Once home, he allegedly threw himself on a second girl, slapping her, pushing her onto the bed and tearing her clothes, trying to rape her.

The arrival of the police

According to what the police have reconstructed, there were also friends of the thirty-year-old in the house who fled as soon as the attack began. The other two friends in the group went out into the yard and shouted for help. A little later, the police arrived but the man had escaped by jumping out of the window. The soldiers found him in the street while he was attacking the two young women and it is suspected that he was under the influence of drugs.

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