What are these food caches found in “underground tunnels”? Some say the images recently shared on Facebook are proof of the conspiracy of the “Black Cabal,” a secret organization that QAnon followers believe controls the world. Let's see what the photos in question actually show and why these conspiracy theories are just crazy stories.

For those in a hurry:

  • Some poor quality images are circulating which should demonstrate the existence of secret warehouses managed by the Black Cabal conspiracy.
  • In fact, with a quick investigation of Google images it is possible to verify that the origin of the photos belongs to very different contexts.


Shares regarding the mysterious Black Cabal are accompanied by the following caption:

It was found in underground tunnels, food and drink hidden by the Dark Cabal for consumption that could feed everyone for the next 150 years. 14.2 billion tonnes of high quality food.
They have been tested. The samples of these foods did not contain toxic substances, normally released in the general population.
Seeker of truth ⚡
Ruby RubyS

The depot in Springfield

Unless the Dark Cabal has a deal with the state of Missouri, the large image below depicts an underground warehouse that even has its own page. LinkedInappointed Springfield Metro. Anyone interested in building a private plot of land has more than nine hundred thousand rentable square meters at their disposal, including warehouses, laboratories, refrigerators and even data centers.

The Swedish hangar

The two images in the center with a Google search returns very similar examples associated with the acronym DUMB (deep underground military bases) and refers to a conspiracy theory, according to which “child victims of deep state trafficking are being held in secret underground military bases.” But – again thanks to a quick search with Google images – we discover that these photos correspond to the underground hangar of theAiry from Gothenburg in Sweden:

The top two images also appear to be from the same hangar. Not to mention it's not clear who these casually dressed people are walking around inside the structure, which the narration says should be secret.


The images in question, which should demonstrate the existence of the underground food depots of the elusive Black Cabal, on the other hand belong to daylight contexts and are in no way criminal.

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