Rome, the rainbow metro for LGBTQIA+ pride month agitates Pro Vita: “It’s propaganda” – Video

The rainbow metro makes its debut in Rome, during the month that celebrates LGBTQIA+ pride. “Stay away from the yellow line, the rainbow train is coming,” announces the voice of Atac, the capital's transport service, as the convoy arrives at metro A stations, entirely decorated in the colors of the flag. Rainbow. This is the “train of inclusion”, an initiative of the Roman transport company which was launched to draw attention to the values ​​of inclusion, in anticipation of the parade which will take place next Saturday. The rainbow train, intended to remain in service throughout the summer, was presented through a video broadcast on social networks which was a great success. In an Atac film, we can see the convoy which not only displays the colors of the rainbow on its sides, but also the interiors are decorated with the same colors: the seats, the ceilings and the finishes all recall the theme of the LGBTQIA+ intersectional flag. . The video went viral, surpassing 100,000 views in just a few hours.

Pro Vita on the attack

A good part of the public on social networks had a rather positive reaction. Many users appreciated the initiative and expressed their support. “How happy I am to see the liver bursting of all the homophobes who feel threatened by a rainbow train,” reads one user’s comment. But there is no shortage of criticism and even negative comments multiply in a short time. “I no longer pay the ticket,” says one man indignantly. But the fiercest criticism came from Pro Vita & Famiglia Onlus. Antonio Brandi, president of the association, called the initiative “shameful,” accusing Roberto Gualtieri’s administration of using a public good for what he called “insistent LGBTQIA+ ideological propaganda.” Hence the demand for the immediate dismantling of the rainbow train, affirming that it is an initiative “worthy of a totalitarian regime”. And in a note he concluded: “While we ask Gualtieri to inform Roman citizens of the price that this operation cost them, we have already asked certain municipal councilors to access administrative documents to clarify this point.”

The homophobic attack on Marrazzo in Rome

Meanwhile, still from the capital, comes the complaint from Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesperson for the Gay Party, who declares having suffered a homophobic attack in Rome. According to Marrazzo, the attack occurred while he was filming one of the two boys, aged around 20, who was about to urinate on the Rainbow wall of the LGBTQIA+ community. “After the physical attack, even though I immediately moved away, they chased me and continued to shout at me and threaten me again,” he said. “I only managed to stop them by telling them that I had taken the number plate and that they were alive. However, no one lifted a finger to help me or calm them down,” he added. Marrazzo filed a report with police, who quickly identified one of the two attackers and are working to identify the other.

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