First the screams which disturbed the reigning champion Iga Swiatek, forced to ask for silence, then the chewing gum spat on the Belgian David Goffin during the match against the Frenchman Giovanni Mpetshi Perricar.

The excesses of the public who attend the prestigious tennis tournament are more and more frequent Roland Garros of Paris, so much so that the director of the competition, Amélie Mauresmo, announced theintroduction of the ban on drinking alcohol on stands.

“We are happy that people are very enthusiastic and want to participate by showing their emotions,” Mauresmo began, “but there are things that we cannot compromise on, we had to set limits.”

Until now, alcohol was allowed in the stands, but this is now over.“, although you can continue to drink it in the stands inside the establishment,” he explained. Furthermore, refereeing judges will be asked to be stricter by demanding “respect for the players and the match”, with reinforced security measures and the identification of those who do not respect the rules in order to calm them down.

“I am optimistic and I think people will react well, otherwise there will be other measures.” Furthermore, tomorrow the start of the matches will be brought forward to 10 a.m. to make up for the delay caused by the rain.

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