Vincenzo Italiano's joy is uncontrollable after his Fiorentina reached the Conference League semi-final. The decisive goals against Viktoria Plzen came in extra time with Nico Gonzalez and Biraghi in the 108th minute. Franchi exploded, as did the Fiorentina coach, caught on camera as he ran towards Sky Sport reporter Vanessa Leonardi on the sidelines. Along with the short video going viral on social media, many are wondering what really happened. Italiano runs towards Leonardi, who has his head covered with a hood. The coach leans towards her, says something while making hand gestures. Then he leans down again and closes to her ear to say something else. And then what seemed to several users on Twitter to be a sudden real kiss. A scene difficult to ignore even for commentator Daniele Barone who defined it as just “a little kiss”.

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