Fear on the pitch for Evan N'Dicka and football relives one of its worst nightmares. While waiting for tests at the hospital to check the extent of the heart problem that forced the Roma defender to collapse on the pitch and call for help, images from Christian Eriksenthe latest sensational case of heart attack on the field.

Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen and his teammates take part in a training session at Al Sailiya SC training center in Doha AFP

Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen and his teammates take part in a training session at Al Sailiya SC training center in Doha

Unlike more tragic events, N'Dicka remained conscious, which at least kept him away. the memory of the live dramas of Renato Curi and Piermario Morosini, the Perugia and Livorno players who died after shocking illnesseson the ground, in 1977 and on April 14, 2012, exactly 12 years ago.

N'Dicka transported on a stretcher off the field HANDLE

N'Dicka transported on a stretcher off the field

A “dark evil” that strikes suddenly
But the dark illness that often strikes the hearts of footballers despite the continuous competition medical checks to which they are subjected has time and again stopped the champions on the field, and each time something happens, whatever the entity, a fear linked to many memories returns, the latest being the indelible one of Davide Astori. But fortunately, many other times, the unbelievable does not lead to tragedy.

Denmark stunned: young Eriksen collapses at the European Championship
The image of all of Denmark rallying around his teammate, then Inter midfielder Christian Eriksen, who suddenly collapsed to the ground and was later taken to hospital, came from the European Championship 2021. It was a cardiac arrest which made the player fear for endless moments a threat to his eyesight, then miraculously escaped the fate and has now even returned to play thanks to a fixed defibrillator.

Christian Eriksen sick for good reason, 2021 Getty

Christian Eriksen sick for good reason, 2021

In Rome, Lionello Manfredonia was saved by Giordano
It remains in the history of Italian football Bologna-Rome on December 30, 1989: after five minutes Lionello Manfredonia he collapses to the ground due to cardiac arrest, help from former Lazio teammate Bruno Giordano and Giallorossi masseur Giorgio Rossi and doctors who give him a cardiac massage they saved the midfielder's life: Manfredonia came out of a coma two days later and was then forced to retire despite the desire to play again.

Lionello Manfredonia saved by his teammates ANSA Archives

Lionello Manfredonia saved by his teammates

Luton captain suffered heart attack while passing the ball
The latest case is that of Tom Lockyer, captain of the Luton who collapsed following a heart attack while playing in December last year. For him it was the second time, he played with a defibrillator which also avoided a tragic end on this occasion.

Rome Olympic Stadium Getty

Rome Olympic Stadium

In the 2012 do it 'miracle' the story of Fabrice Muamba23 years old, Congolese midfielder Boltsuffered a heart attack during a Premier League match against Tottenham and was unconscious for 78 minutes, before the defibrillator – used on the pitch, in the ambulance and again in hospital – could make him regain consciousness.

Permanent damage to Ajax's Nouri
Abdelhak Nouri's story is terrible: the young Ajax promise collapsed on the pitch due to a cardiac arrest in 2017woke up from an induced coma five days after fainting on the field due to a cardiac arrhythmia during a friendly match in Austria, with permanent brain damage.

Stories that remain in the memory and which explain why in Udine, Even though N'dicka was conscious and many reassured the teams on the field, his teammates did not want to continue playing football..

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