The record-breaking Star Wars Boba Fett statuette: worth 480 thousand euros

Everything except Barbie! A hand-painted figurine of Boba Fett, a fictional character from the Star Wars science fiction universe, was sold at auction for the record sum of 525 thousand dollars (more than 480 thousand euros). It seems there are only two examples. After the sale – by a buyer who wishes to remain anonymous – the figurine became the most expensive toy in the world and broke the record previously held by the Barbie doll who, in 2010, “decorated” with a one-carat diamond , was sold at auction for $302,000.

Joe Maddalena, vice-president of Heritage Auction, the house that auctioned Boba Fett (only 9.52 cm), told the newspaper Le Figaro: “Boba Fett who launches rockets was discovered in 1970 abandoned at the “inside certain boxes and today he entered the Guinness Book of Records, an emblematic character, the whole world, everyone knows him without necessarily being collectors”.

Because it's so rare

The Boba Fett figurine, at the record price, was offered as a special reward to consumers who purchased four other figurines made by the manufacturer Kenner.

Production – limited to 100 – was halted due to a safety alert regarding a similar product made by another toy company, leading to its withdrawal from the market. Same as Kenner product.

For enthusiasts there is still time to make purchases. At the end of July a model of a Y-Wing fighter identical to that of one of the most crucial sequences of the saga (the destruction of the Death Star) will be sold for a figure which could approach 3.1 million dollars.

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