THE click day for the psychologist bonus has arrived, but the INPS website where to apply for financial assistance has been inaccessible since yesterday at midnight. On the portal dedicated to submitting the request to obtain the contribution for the year 2023 – which could be 500, 1,000 or 1,500 euros depending on the applicant's ISEE (not exceeding 50,000) – we reads in fact “page not available: the content was not found.” From today March 18 and until May 31, it is (or should be) possible to request the premium to cover the costs of psychotherapy sessions, launched with the economic measure and the amounts of which were remodulated with the Milleproroghe decree.

The contribution aims to support the costs of psychotherapy sessions aimed at providing psychological assistance to citizens who, during the period of the Covid pandemic and the associated economic crisis, have seen an increase in conditions of depression, anxiety, stress and psychological fragility. The aid will be paid to residents in Italy until the funds planned for the year, i.e. 5 million euros, are exhausted, and paid on the basis of the classification established by the INPS. Beneficiaries will receive a unique code to book psychotherapy sessions with participating psychotherapists and psychologists, including many professionals who rely on the Unobravo online psychotherapy platform, particularly popular since the pandemic period.

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