The Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci underwent surgery today at the Galliera Hospital. In a note, the same hospital announces that the mayor of the Ligurian capital was operated on by the maxillofacial and reconstructive plastic surgery team “for a lymph node metastasis of a skin tumor”. The planned operation was a success, according to the hospital, where Bucci will have to remain hospitalized for approximately 5 days before being subjected to the appropriate therapies.

Council solidarity: “See you soon”

“We express to our mayor and his family our warmest feelings of closeness and our most sincere wishes for a speedy recovery,” Genoa Deputy Mayor Piciocchi wrote in a note immediately after the news was announced. “The City Hall assures the city of the maximum commitment of all to pursue, without any hesitation and with even more determination, the objectives of the political mandate entrusted by the voters while waiting to soon be able to embrace Marco Bucci again,” continues Piciocchi in the note issued “on behalf of the municipal council and the entire municipal administration”. “Dear Mayor, we are waiting for you with the usual energy and more determined than ever to continue working together to make our Genoa ever greater,” the message concludes. In accordance with the law, recalls Ansa, in the absence of the mayor, Deputy Piciocchi assumes his functions pro tempore.

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