The League wants to introduce compulsory military service: a bill is ready for young people aged 18 to 26

The leader and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini had promised it and here it has arrived. The League's bill which provides for six compulsory months for boys and girls aged 18 to 26 is entitled “Creation of a universal territorial military and civil service and delegation to the Government for its discipline”. “It is a great form of civic education, with people who can dedicate themselves to rescue, civil protection, first aid, protection of the woods to be carried out near their homes – said the leader of the League of the North during the Alpini meeting in Vicenza. , on May 12 -. Once upon a time there was someone from Udine who went to Bari, and someone from Bari who was sent to Udine, forced to abandon his studies and his work. It won't be like this anymore, it will be done close to home.”

Two choices: military training or civilian engagement

The text tabled in Parliament is signed by Eugenio Zoffili, close assistant to the secretariat and member of the House Defense Commission. It offers two types of options: military training and civilian employment. “We propose – Zoffili told AdnKronos – the establishment of a universal territorial civil and military service which would involve all Italian citizens between 18 and 26 years old for six months”. The months will take place “exclusively on the national territory and in the region of residence or domicile, with priority to one's own province, unless the citizen expressly requests to be employed in other national territorial areas and subject to availability and authorization from the competent authority. “.

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