The Lazio TAR accuses Paolo Genovese: “The pergolas are illegal, they must be demolished”

Paolo Genovese will have to remove the pergolas installed on the terraces of his apartment in Coppedè, the district freedom From Rome. This was decided by the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, which established that the structures were illegal and also determined the payment of a fine. The sentence with which the Administrative Court ruled in favor of the Municipality of Rome was dated May 8. The second municipality had issued a resolution requiring the director to remove the pergotende, that is, the retractable awnings supported by a structure, within 60 days, considering that they were irregular since they were installed on a building subject to restrictions. The municipality also requested the payment of a fine of 15 thousand euros. The director, who had had the curtains installed on the fourth and sixth floors of the building, had contested the decision and appealed to the TAR because, in his opinion, the intervention cannot be defined as a “renovation of the building”. These are works, he wrote in his defence brief, which “would not involve the creation or modification of a construction body, nor would they lend themselves to changing the destination of the premises since they would essentially constitute elements of outdoor furniture, shelter and protection, functional, among other things, to the best temporary use of an already existing property to which they access”. Since it was not a building renovation, the municipality could not even “impose sanctions”. However, the TAR ruled against him: since the property was subject to restrictions, “the applicant's complaints are not positively appreciable in light of both the legislative provisions and the acceptable praetorian opinion formed on this point”. The TAR thus confirmed the demolition order and a sanction, but invited the municipality to impose a lesser one.

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