Operation Nostalgia brings former Serie A players back to the field. The hypothesis about the most anticipated return: the rumor about Roberto Baggio.

The football fans' countdown has already begun for the two events of “Serie A – Operation Nostalgia”, the initiative which brings back some of the old glories of Italian football to the stadiums. There are two dates to mark on the calendar: Saturday June 8 at the Arechi stadium in Salerno and Sunday July 7 at the Piola stadium in Novara. “Knowing that to date more than 13,000 people have already purchased tickets for the Salerno rally on Saturday June 8 is truly wonderful. There will be chaos, the usual rally chaos,” organizers wrote on Facebook. For years, the “Operation Nostalgia” initiative has been filling stadiums across Italy, bringing some of the most beloved faces back to the field of Italian football The two events planned for 2024 seem to be no exception, with several. best players from past Serie A seasons who have already confirmed their presence.

The Salerno rally

A total of 36 players will take part in the match on Saturday June 8 at the Arechi stadium in Salerno. Here is the full list: Francesco Totti, Javier Zanetti, David Trezeguet, Diego Milito, Andrea Barzagli, Antonio Di Natale, Aldair, Ernesto Chevanton, Nicola Ventola, Alessandro Lucarelli, Luigi Di Biagio, Fabio Galante, Stefano Fiore, Antonio Chimenti, Vincent Candela , David Di Michele, Giampiero Maini, Arturo Di Napoli, David Pizarro, Dario Marcolin, Mauro Bressan, Ighli Vannucchi, Cesar, Giacomo Tedesco, Marco Amelia, Antonio Filippini, Guerino Gottardi, Max Tonetto, Gigi Orlandini, Gigi Garzya, Davide Moscardelli, Giancarlo Pantano, Alberto Savino, Luca Altomare, Vittorio Tosto, Luca Fusco.

The Novara rally

The gathering on Sunday July 7 at the Piola stadium in Novara will also see 36 former Serie A champions take the field. Here is the list of players who have confirmed their presence: Andriy Shevchenko, Diego Milito, Dario Hubner, Antonio Di Natale, Nelson Dida , Sébastien Frey, Damiano Tommasi, David Pizarro, Diego Fuser, Michele Padovano, Nicola Amoruso, Filippo Maniero, Sergio Pellissier, Pasquale Luiso, Andrea Caracciolo, Luigi Apolloni, Massimo Marazzina, Giorgos Karagounis, Sergio Volpi, Nicola Legrottaglie, Cristian Zaccardo, Max Tonetto, Ze Maria, Angelo Carbone, Marco Amelia, Mauro Bressan, Enrico Annoni, Cristian Zenoni, Mark Iuliano, Paolo De Ceglie, Raffaele Rubino, Fabio Rossitto.

The return of Baggio?

But there is also a surprise that could await fans at the Operation Nostalgia rallies in Salerno and Novara. It is the presence of Roberto Baggio, considered by many to be the best Italian footballer of all time. Through certain posts published on social networks, the organizers of the event suggested his possible participation. “No. No, no and still no. It's not. It's not a mirage. It's Roberto Baggio,” one post read. May it really be a good time to revise The divine braid on a football field?

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