Ten children from Haiti arrive in Rome: adopted by Italian families, they were unable to leave the island because of the civil war

The airport in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, had been stopped operating for three months: the wave of violence which hit the Caribbean state in the first half of 2024 led to a real civil war. Armed bands have attacked various areas of the country and the threat has not yet been completely eradicated. However, Haiti's main airport is once again under the control of the authorities: it was thus possible to organize a special flight which would allow 10 adopted children to join their new families in Italy. Takeoff is scheduled for today, June 8, aboard a plane set up by the Italian security services: it should land at the 31st Wing airport, in Ciampino, in the evening. “The Italian government has taken steps to bring to Italy 10 children from Haiti adopted by Italian families, who, for security reasons linked to the serious situation experienced by this Caribbean country, marked by devastating crime, do not had not until now been able to leave their residence. “, writes Palazzo Chigi in a note.

“Nine were in the capital Port-au-Prince and one in a location approximately 200 kilometers away,” the statement continued. “The children had been waiting for months to be able to join their Italian families, with whom they had only had contact by video call. The operation was carried out as soon as the minimum guarantee conditions were reestablished, in order to avoid the risk that criminal gangs, recently responsible for the brutal assassination of two American missionaries and a Haitian prelate, could also attack the orphanages. The positive result – the note concludes – is the result of collaborative action between Aise, the Farnesina crisis unit, the Ministry of Family, Birth and Equal Opportunities, the Italian Embassy in Santo Domingo, the Honorary Consulate of Port-au-Prince and the Commission. for international adoptions.

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