The flight that brought ten children from Haiti adopted by Italian families to Italy landed at the 31st Wing, at the Ciampino military airport. They were welcomed by, among others, the Minister of Family, Birth and Equal Opportunities, Eugenie Roccella.

“Today is one of those days that deserves the political commitment of a lifetime. Ten children arrived from Haiti, snatched from orphanages and civil war, to embrace the Italian families who adopted them and who waited with impatient to welcome them With Vincenzo Starita, extraordinary vice-president of the International Adoption Commission which I have the honor to lead, we went to Ciampino to wait for them, with all those with whom this game took place. The team with a happy ending, starting with Aise and the Farnesina crisis unit. The commitment of the Prime Minister and the entire government is continuous and constant in all the places where children are waiting to arrive in Italy. hampered by difficult geopolitical conditions. We will always continue to work in this objective direction. The Minister of Family, Natality and Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Roccella, wrote this on social networks.

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