Tajani and the action (with 12 other states) to prevent the Rafah operation

It is a (unique) diplomatic operation, but impressive: 13 countries sent a letter to Israel to avoid a large-scale military intervention in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip. The letter is signed by the foreign ministers of the most economically advanced states: Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Holland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and South Korea, which coordinates the initiative, Antonio Tajani. , while our country holds the presidency of the G7. The text starts from a principle of “disdain” and condemnation of “the brutal terrorist attack carried out by Hamas and other terrorist groups against Israel on October 7”, and urges the terrorists to release “all hostages immediately and without condition”.

But then foreign officials from the countries concerned demand that Israel, “in exercising its right to defense, fully respect international law, including international humanitarian law.” The letter continues: “We write to you in light of the devastating and growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza and wish to call on the Israeli government for urgent action to address it. » The document, officially addressed to Foreign Minister Israel Katz, ends with a request for a plan to address the humanitarian crisis affecting the Palestinians: “We reiterate our opposition to a large-scale military operation in Rafah, which would have catastrophic consequences on civilian life. population. We reiterate our call for a credible and feasible plan to protect the civilian population and meet their humanitarian needs.

The controversy over the Fiocchi family munitions company (FdI)

Meanwhile, within the Italian borders, the controversy against Pietro Fiocchi, outgoing MEP re-elected in the next elections by the Brothers of Italy, is revived. Already criticized for election posters on which he holds a rifle, the politician owns a family business in the ammunition production sector. Some have accused the company that bears his name of selling its products to Israel. “Fiocchi Munizioni has never had any business dealings with the Israeli armed forces,” one note read. “We are suffering violent attacks which are in no way justifiable. It would be enough to know that Israel has its own munitions production factory. And if there is a need to buy, we turn to the American market. More precisely, the company does not produce weapons, but small caliber ammunition and has never sold to the Israeli armed forces. Being well informed is the first useful step for an honest and prejudice-free dialogue between businesses and civil society. A civil society that legitimately displays its ideas must above all inform itself about the state of things.”

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