Francesco Bernetti Evangelista, a surgeon from Fermo in the Marche region, is retired but works for an emergency assistance cooperative. A few evenings ago, he visited a 15-year-old patient who arrived at Murri Hospital with a very high fever and numbness in her limbs. He sent her away. But as soon as he left his service, he returned home. And he discovered that the girl was suffering from severe spinal inflammation that threatened to cause her to lose the use of her legs. “He presented himself at home, he suspected an inflammation which, if neglected, could have had unpredictable consequences. He apologized for the intrusion but recommended that the girl be taken back to the hospital and referred to a neurologist. Hospitalization saved his life,” said his parents Catiuscia Gasparroni and Marco Moreschini.


“We were terrified, the fever was rising and Giulia said it wasn't the usual fever, she felt strange, she couldn't move her legs,” they say. “We left the emergency room at 3 a.m. and at 8 a.m. we were ready to take him to Ancona. When the doorbell rang and we found Dr. Bernetti Evangelista in front of us, we couldn't believe it. He says he didn't do anything strange, the truth is that we are no longer used to professionals accompanying people in this way. Knowing that a doctor was not calm, that he could not return home without finding a solution, is something that reconciles you with the world, that makes you understand that we can really hope for solidarity and attention to others.”


The 15-year-old girl was admitted to the neurology department run by Patrizio Cardinali, who found the necessary treatment to get her back on her feet. “We never felt alone, even in the most difficult and frightening moments of our lives. Today that we are finally out of this situation, we must say thank you to everyone, they treated us like doctors but above all like people, with heart, with humanity”, conclude the parents.

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