Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: a couples getaway to the Caribbean to celebrate love in all its forms

If 2023 marked the return of foreign tourists to Italy (source: UNWTO-World Tourism Organization), 2024 can be considered the year of tourism restarting. long-haul trip. In fact, there are no longer the limitations that characterized certain distant destinations just a few months ago. And, even on a psychological level, we are no longer held back, like last year, by the idea of ​​getting on a plane to wake up on the other side of the world.

We are now free to go to destinations that were not always accessible until now. The planet has become within reach again, and with this freedom, the planet has also returned desire to explore. To explore exotic places, where you can truly unplug. Fairytale Destinations where to make the celebration of an important event unforgettable, whether it is a wedding, a birthday or another type of occasion.

Dream getaway in the Caribbean

THE Caribbean they remain one of the dream destinations for long-haul trips, especially as a couple. In fact, few places are as suited as the islands lapped by the Caribbean Sea to accommodate travelers in love who can't wait to immerse themselves in a vacation with a high level of romance.

A pleasant escape from everyday life where you can find time to reconnect and focus on what matters most: your love story. And leave behind the habits and predictability of each day to focus on the deepest feelings that connect each of us to our partner, to travel, and to life.

There are countless destinations to choose from. Paradises on earth like Jamaica And Curacaothe uncontaminated Bahamas And Grenadethe luxuriant Antigua And Barbados but also St. LUCIA, with its volcano and tropical forests. Seven destinations that host the 17 resorts Resorts International Sandalsto which will soon be added the eighteenth, the Sandals Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesin the archipelago of the same name.

Celebrating love on the other side of the world

It's inside Sandals Resorts that the most important love can be transformed into a promise of mutual fidelity spoken by the seaside, feet in the sand and an incredible sunset in the background. Or in gratitude to the Universe, during the honeymoon, for choosing each other and getting married. Or, a vacation in total immersion in romance to confirm, by looking into each other's eyes, their respective promises. All this thanks to special themed packages filled with exclusive services – from the ceremony location to the flowers to the type of accommodation, including the Arabian Nights suites – adaptable to everyone's personal tastes (this is not a chance if the group structures were voted on). Magazine’s “Best All-Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts” Bridesthe leading publication on marriage in the United States).

The possibilities for making your getaway for two unforgettable are endless, from couples massages and candlelit dinners to more adventurous experiences like quad bike rides, deep sea dives or close encounters with sea lions. Among the new features, for future spouses too “From one aisle to another”the new wedding program of Resorts International Sandals. In other words, a series of endless possibilities to personalize your Caribbean wedding arrangements with new and modern decorations inspired by the island you are on (to name just a couple: the decoration Sunny skywith its soft pink, deep blush and ivory palette that reflects the iconic Caribbean sunsets or the Enchanting sandsthe right mix between the blue ocean floor and the soft tones of the sand).

The wedding chapel at Sandals Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: a new way to experience vacations as a couple

But if all the destinations mentioned above, in their singularity, guarantee a fairytale experience, there is one which, soon, will offer a new way to celebrate love and experience vacations as a couple: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is in this magnificent archipelago of 32 islands and keysin fact, which will open its doors on March 27 Sandals Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a new resort from the Sandals Resorts International group. A little paradise of 20 hectares to forget everything and only think about life as a couple, with the cobalt blue sea on one side, the green of the Caribbean rainforest on the other and a river that crosses the region.

With the mountains in the background and the water inviting you to gaze at the horizon, you can relax in the 301 rooms of different types, from Two rooms Villas with butlerfacing the sea, Sandals firstthe biggest suites, up to Two-story overwater villas Vincy, on two floors, built directly on the sea. Then, you will delight your palate in one of the 16 restaurants of the resort, where you can taste local products from kilometer zero, through 16 different culinary concepts.

The colorful and lively atmosphere of the archipelago of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

There will be no shortage of new things: this is where the first restaurant is located community style of the brand, Boucan, with a menu composed of seasonal dishes to share by chefs working in an open kitchen. AND Imoro (Greenin the local language, ed), new restaurant take away in which to order bowl healthy and delicious to enjoy on the beach. Local materials and tropical plants will enhance the Three jewels, a rum bar that will serve Eastern Caribbean rums and new alcoholic and non-alcoholic creations with great local music classics in the background. THE Parisolbeach club and open-air restaurant, will instead offer quick meals by the sea then transform, in the evening, into a high-end nightclub with cocktails, music and picturesque sunset views.

From spa to diving: activities for two

Moments spent as a couple will be even more unique if they are spent together linear swimming pool of almost 92 meters with direct access to Pool bar. An enchanting corner to enjoy pleasant massages and beauty treatments in the luxurious cabins of the Spa La Voie Rouge, always surrounded by the sound of flowing water. Well-being is also guaranteed in the half-moon swimming pool, right next door, or in the Parisol infinity pooloverlooking the bay.

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And if in all this relaxation you want to give a touch of adrenaline to your life as a couple, don't hesitate. snorkelinghas Scuba diving and the many other offshore adventures, in a corner of the sea which, in terms of marine fauna, is among the richest in the Caribbean. To truly feel in paradise.


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