“Slava Ukraine”, or “Glory to Ukraine”, appears on the Jorit memorial mural created in memory of Luana D'Orazio, a 22-year-old worker who died on the job in Oste di Motemurlo, in the province of Pisa, on May 3. The work is located in the ancient Snia of Rome, via Prenestina. It has been there for several months but the act of vandalism was noted, reports Corriere, on the morning of Wednesday March 13.

This gesture could be a consequence of the controversy into which the street artist has fallen in recent days, after the selfie with Vladimir Putin and his interventions on the Russian-Ukrainian question. This is not the first time that a Jorit fresco has been defaced. On March 8, on the exterior wall of the Buchner public high school in Ischia, unknown persons threw white paint and unfurled a Ukrainian flag directly on his work.

(on cover photo via x/@avantibionda)

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