The trial continues in which Pietro Genovese is accused of escaping from house arrest. The director's son, also present today (May 24) in the courtroom in Piazzale Clodio, continues to deny the accusations. This January 16, 2021, when the police rang his doorbell, he did not answer because “he had fallen asleep”. He said this today during the hearing during which his brother Matteo, the latter's girlfriend, the doorman of the building and the police officer who rang his doorbell that day were also heard – there. Pietro Genovese, 24, was sentenced to five years and four months for the deaths of Gaia von Freymann and Camilla Romagnoli, both aged 16, killed on the evening of December 22, 2019 on Corso Francia in Rome, while They were crossing the street.


This Saturday in January, three years ago, the police checked for the first time the presence of the young man in the house, at 3:55 p.m. The first check was successful. But when they returned two hours later, no one had answered the bell. The operators, as one of them confirmed in the courtroom, had not only rung the bell outside the building where Genovese lives with his family: they had also gone up to the landing, pressing on the button located in front of the front door. Even then, no response.

Genoese version

“I fell asleep without meaning to. I tried to be careful, knowing the controls, but that day I collapsed. But I was in my room.” A room from which the sound of the doorbell would be muffled, as pointed out by the 25-year-old's lawyer, Gianluca Tognozzi, and confirmed by Matteo Genovese's girlfriend, Pietro's brother Witnesses in the courtroom today also saw video recorded by the building's surveillance cameras, which frames the entrance to the building. None of them recognized Pietro among. those who entered and exited the building during the time slot examined The “end” of this procedural issue will likely come at the next hearing, scheduled for mid-June.

Gaia's mother's bitter post

Meanwhile, Gabriella Saracino, Gaia von Freymann's mother, expressed all her pain in a message posted on social media hours before Genovese spoke in court. “This is a photo from May 22, 2020. Us at mass for our daughters and “him” having a party with friends. Neighbors call the police because of the loud music and noise! These are reports which, however, did not give rise to prosecution. This is not the first time that Gabriella Saracino has shared words full of pain for the story that took her daughter away from her. “The poor boy has been living peacefully in London for a while, so no one can recognize him and call him a 'murderer', as happened in Rome!”, he wrote last December, once again reference to Pietro Genovese.

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