Eurispes, more than half of Italians in difficulty at the end of the month. Nearly one in three people abandon medical care

Some indicators of the economic situation of Italian families show a slight improvement compared to 2023 but, despite this, more than half of the population cannot complete the month without major difficulties (57.4%). Additionally, bills (33.1%), rent (45.5%) and mortgage payments (32.1%) represent a problem for many households. This is what emerges from the sample surveys of the Eurispes Italy 2024 report, presented today. To make ends meet, Italians are forced to ask their family of origin for help (32.1%) or resort to installment purchases (42.7%). Nearly three in 10 Italians (28.3%) also forgo treatments, dental procedures or medical examinations..

However, 40.9% of citizens declare that their personal and family economic situation has remained stable over the last 12 months. Although with varying intensity, in total 35.4% of Italians report a deterioration in their economic situation, while only 14.2% speak of an improvement. A little more than one in four people manage to save (28.3%), while 36.8% draw on it to make ends meet. The majority of Italians (55.5%) believe that the country's economic situation has deteriorated over the last year, for 18.6% the situation has remained stable, while only one in ten Italians (10% ) showed signs of improvement. Regarding the future, citizens are rather cautious: for 33.2% of them, the Italian economic situation will remain stable over the next twelve months. Pessimists, who expect a worsening, are 31.6%, while 10.8% expect a period of economic growth.

Confidence in public and private institutions is increasing again, but only one part garners more than half the consensus. The most appreciated is the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella (60.8% of the vote, +8.6% compared to 2023), while Parliament recorded a slight increase in confidence (from 30% in 2023 to 33.6% in 2024), even if disappointed citizens are in the majority (58%). A little more than a third of Italians express consensus with regard to the government (36.2%), but even in this case, the discouraged remain in the majority (55.4%). Among the police forces, the Carabinieri reaches 68.8% consensus, while other institutions that will experience growth in terms of trust in 2024 are the Catholic Church, the school and the health system. Only three institutions are losing support compared to 2023: parties (which went from 32.5% to 29.85%), unions (from 43.1% to 42.7%) and other religious denominations (from 38% to 34.5%).

The report asks Italians about the Strait of Messina bridge and the reintroduction of citizenship income: the majority of Italians answered “no”. Indeed, 60.4% of citizens are against the construction of major public works, 61.2% are against income support. Furthermore, 58.5% are against the extension of the Superbonus for construction. Finally, 52.7% of the sample is against the idea of ​​setting a speed limit at 30 km/h in urban centers.

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