Puppies were masquerading as purebred dogs, sold at exorbitant prices and advertised by unsuspecting VIPs. Among these, Federica Pellegrini, Francesco Totti, Emma, ​​​​Ignazio Boschetto, Wanda Nara, Salvatore Esposito stand out. The Carabinieri dismantled illegal dog trafficking in Ravenna and, after a thorough investigation – carried out by the Operational Section for Combating Poaching and Animal Crime – they took precautionary measures against six people. These are Italians and other residents or domiciled abroad. The operation in fact extended to Slovakia and also involved local authorities. The Ravenna public prosecutor's office also triggered the preventive seizure of web pages linked to the commercial activity through which 127 puppies were sold. From now on, the defendants will have to answer for transnational criminal conspiracy aimed at illicit animal trafficking and commercial fraud since the dogs were sold at very high prices, justified by a false commercial value. The puppies in question resembled French bulldogs and Pomeranians. According to the prosecution, they exploited important figures, who were unaware of the illicit trade, to publicize their specimens and convince buyers of their pedigree.

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