Last ISTAT April 17the Italian statistical research organization, published the Bes 2023 report (acronym for Equitable and Sustainable Well-being). A collection of everything that, always on a statistical basis, is good or bad in Italy and summarizes the current level of quality of life. 2023, the subject of the document's analysis, is enriched with a double comparison: the comparison with the past year (as usual), but also with the data from 2019, the pre-COVID year, for us give the most complete overview possible. trend changes in progress.

The overall picture turns out to be pretty good. Among the 129 indicators where comparison is possible, we see that half of the results reflect an improvement, both compared to 2019 and 2022, almost 19% of the analyzed results are stable and around 29% worse.

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Bes, what is it and what it is used for

The Bes is a complex statistics established annually, which collecting data on key indicators that reflect a country's well-being. These are health, education, employment, work in relation to lifestyle, landscape and cultural heritage, as well as environment and safety, well-being general and subjective, of the quality of services. A document important for observers and decision-makers, which analyzes the levels, trends and economic and social inequalities of our country. A real mirror that makes suggestions then calls for action precisely on the basis of the comparison.

According to ISTAT analysis [1] Lhas the quality of life of Italians has improved significantly in 2023 compared to the previous year and, in some cases, significantly compared to pre-pandemic levels. An example of this is data on employment and work-life balance. In fact, the number of employed people between the ages of 20 and 64 is increasing: 1.8% more than in 2022, which corresponds to around 400 thousand workers.

Taking into account the increase in employment and the quality of employment (51% of employees say they are very satisfied with their work, i.e. 0.8% more than in 2022), the percentage of people who rate their overall life satisfaction very high is also increasingwhich reached the highest levels ever recorded (46%, +3.4 compared to 2019), and those who expect an improvement in their lives in the next 5 years, both among employed workers (37.5 %) only among those who are still looking for a job. (37.7%).

How to improve? Quality of life 2023 for the future

Greater optimism therefore, which must however face some shortcomings, often atavistic, therefore the comparison with Europe can serve as a driving force for improvement. They mainly concern education and training, where Italy is below the EU average, and in the field of innovation and research, net of the 26 billion spent by Italy in the sector.

BES 2023 highlights how the level of education is also fundamental for better health, an absolute principle when we talk about general well-being. Certain types of mortality, defined as preventable if anticipated or promptly addressed, have a 2.1% higher incidence among the less educated population. As if to emphasize that education is deeply linked to prevention.

Other indicators on which a deterioration in the quality of life was recorded in 2023 are closely linked to external factors, such as climate change and political stability. Italy facing these challenges participates in various international cooperation projects, some of which include a long-term implementation period. For example, the United Nations 2030 Agenda, which places equitable and sustainable well-being at its center; The new generation EU, of which our PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) is part, which pays greater attention to these issues and intends to act. The next European elections, which will see a new balance in the European Parliament, will define the direction we take.


[1] Bès Report 2023

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