After months of fruitless negotiations, the Democratic Party has made its decision. The Piedmontese democrats, gathered in an assembly, elected Turin municipal councilor Gianna Pentenero as candidate for the next regional elections in June against Alberto Cirio. His proposal helped prevent the Democratic Party from splitting against those of Chiara Gribaudo, supported by Schlein, and Daniele Valle, pushed by Bonaccini. But if on the one hand this served to iron out internal differences, on the other it risks unraveling the delicate thread that is struggling to unravel to hold together a broad center-left coalition. The pattern is already observed in other regions, from Sardinia to Abruzzo, via Basilicata, where, in a back and forth that seems endless, Domenico Lacerenza, candidate of the Democratic Party and 5 stars, is removed. On a name shared by all the allies, in compromise, lies the possibility of presenting themselves united at the polls with a unified candidate facing that of the center-right. But today, if the negotiations between the Democrats and the M5 have led to nothing, it is difficult for the Democratic Party to resolve the situation. Especially since the first reactions of potential allies are rather cold. “We are learning from news agencies the decision taken by the Democratic Party to formalize the candidacy of Gianna Pentenero in the next regional elections in Piedmont. We note this change of pace and method”, writes the Piedmontese 5 Stars in a note, “in light of all this, in the coming days the Movement will illustrate its program and begin the process of choosing its candidate for president , convinced that The crucial point to turn the page in Piedmont is that of a programmatic agenda that measures the desire for change requested by citizens. While +Europa welcomes the Democratic Party's decision, Pentenero is trying to open the ground immediately. “I hope to be able to redefine a broad field, let's leave the doors open to the possibility of ensuring that many can believe in our project: there are certainly parts of the coalition who are watching us”, are the first words of the democrat. candidate, “I appeal to the 5 stars so that we can try to start again, to rewrite pages together. I believe I have the necessary strength and I hope to be able to ensure that the part of the Piedmontese who are now disillusioned can vote again. The road is uphill, we all know that, but even uphill roads can be taken, you just need to try a little harder.”

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