In 2013, just under one father in five requested leave. In 2022, this number has tripled to 3 out of 5. Figures that do not change, whether it is the first or the second child. The image of the “father hen” or to quote a film “Three men and a cradle”, was created by Save the Children, based on the latest data from the INPS.


Introduced in 2012, paternity leave provided for only one compulsory day and two optional days, while today it guarantees 10 mandatory days and one optional for new fathers. It can be taken two months before giving birth and 5 months after.

Dad on paternity leave GettyImages

Dad on paternity leave

The one who asks

Although the number of new fathers busy with bottles and diapers has increased across Italy, those living in the northern provinces request leave with peaks of more than 80%. Percentages falling dramatically in the south.

Dad with son pixabay

Dad with son

Father on leave identity kit

The “father hens” are between 30 and 39 years old and between 40 and 49 years old because their children are aging later and later. They work in medium-sized and large companies with between 100 and 15 employees.

Money matters

Those who request leave are mainly those who earn more and have stable employment. Among fathers with a permanent contract, this percentage is close to 70%; among those with a fixed-term contract, it falls to 35.95%. It drops to 19% for seasonal workers.

Dad with son pixabay

Dad with son

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