A hundred days after the opening of the Paris Olympic Games, the Olympic flame burns again at the archaeological site of Olympia, in the Peloponnese, the place where the Ancient Greeks competed in the Games.

Due to the cloudy sky, the Greek actress Mary Mina, in the role of the high priestess, lit the torch using a reserve flame produced during the dress rehearsal of the ceremony according to the traditional method, with the rays of the sun reflecting in a parabolic cylindrical shape. mirror, releasing the heat which lights the torch.

The torch thus begins the long journey which will take it through Greece to Athens where it will be handed over to the organizers of Paris 2024.

The relay of torchbearers will then continue towards France to finally arrive in Paris (but not before passing through French Polynesia) where the opening ceremony is scheduled for July 26.

The first Greek athlete to carry the torch will be Stefanos Ntouskos, Olympic rowing champion at Tokyo 2021 followed by swimmer Laure Manaudou, who won her first Olympic title in the 400m freestyle at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004.

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