A teacher was slapped Tuesday afternoon in the courtyard of the Ostia school where she works as a support teacher. The wife of a member of the Spada clan attacked her. The victim has already been questioned by the police of the Group and the Ostia company and the mother of the ten-year-old boy could be investigated for assault. She could be questioned in the coming days after having already been denounced by the military for violence against a public official, while waiting for the victim to testify about what she suffered. The basis of the gesture is a harsh reprimand addressed to the woman's son who was fighting with a classmate. This cannot be ruled out, reports the Corriere della Sera, that the teacher intervened to stop the student's action against his partner. A gesture that the child then told his mother once he returned home, triggering the woman's reaction. “Don’t you dare scold my son again,” Spada’s wife reportedly shouted before taking action. The police are interviewing some witnesses, also to understand whether or not the woman said the last name to intimidate her further. Videos from the primary school's surveillance cameras are also viewed, in particular those facing the interior courtyard where the episode occurred. It remains to be seen whether there were other attackers and whether this can be considered a punitive expedition, because in this case, depending on the subjects involved, the aggravating accusation of mafia could also be triggered. It cannot be excluded that the carabinieri will soon be able to integrate the information already transmitted to the prosecution. The mother has a clean criminal record, while the father has a criminal record, but so far no final conviction. He is a member of the clan but not particularly important. Investigations are ongoing into other episodes of bullying and violence against other teachers at the same school. The National Association of Principals, with its president Mario Rusconi, invites the teacher “not to be afraid and to report it, keeping in mind that the context is particularly dangerous and I can therefore understand his fear”, also because “if the event occurred on school circuit must be reported by the director as a public agent”. The governor of Lazio Francesco Rocca expressed his solidarity with the victim: “No one should ever feel threatened or attacked in his workplace, especially if this place is a place of education and culture, intended to grow and train new generations. I am ready to go, with Minister Valditara, to this school to bring my contribution. solidarity to the teacher, the director, all the teaching staff, but also to the students and their parents, given the concern, fears and apprehension that the event has generated throughout this community.

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