The Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, defended the choice of Naples magistrates to place house arrest with electronic bracelet on one of the two adults accused of rape and revenge porn against two cousins ​​aged 10 and 12 years in Caivano. Responding to a parliamentary question put to him on December 5 by the Neapolitan senator of the League, Gianluca Cantalamessa, was scandalized by the choice of magistrates who had in any case only granted house arrest to those close to the suspect in Veneto.

Nordio explains in its response that the magistrates considered the measure of house arrest with electronic bracelet sufficient “to avoid the danger of repeat offenses, in this case, in particular due to the great distance, equal to approximately 700 kilometers, existing between the municipalities of F. and that of Caivano (Naples)”. According to the Minister of Justice, “there is therefore currently no symptomatic element of poor management of the procedures envisaged, since the decision of the investigating judge is equipped with motivational support in fact and in law”. In any case, Nordio invites politicians not to insist: “Due to the separation of powers, since the control and legal evaluation of the facts is the responsibility exclusive of the competent judicial authority, in the event of failure to agree with the relevant decisions, the legal instrument prepared by the judicial system is that of appeal.

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