The Rome prosecutor's office requested a prison sentence of 5 years and 6 months against Mario Caucci, the ex-husband of Noemi Bocchi, the current partner of Francesco Totti. The accusation, reports Il Messaggero, is that of mistreatment and lack of maintenance after separation. The investigation began after a complaint filed by Noemi Bocchi in September 2019. The sentence in the trial, which has so far taken place behind closed doors, is expected in June. Mario Caucci was married for 9 years to Noemi Bocchi. With her, he had two children. The man is team manager of the local Tivoli Calcio 1919 football team and belongs to one of the main families in the travertine trade in Italy and abroad. Certain quarries in Guidonia (a few kilometers from Tivoli) and Carrara belong to them. Concretely, Caucci and his company extract travertine in Tivoli and Mexico and export it around the world.

Caucci's version of Chi

The entrepreneur, after the outbreak of the Totti scandal, in an interview on Chi in December 2022, told his version of marriage with Noemi Bocchi. “In 2016, my wife started to get impatient because we were living in Tivoli… she wanted to move to Rome, she said we could move around more freely there. In 2017, by force, I took a house from us in Rome. It was my first big mistake. It was the beginning of the end,” he said. “We moved before the summer – he added – my mother was ill and on October 2, 2017 she died. Without my mother , I fell into total despair because I lacked the compass, the advice, the love of a mother. On November 6, 2017, a month later, I returned home and my wife said to me: “I must talk to you. You know things between us aren't going well, we're trying but it's hard, it's very difficult… let's let go of the relationship and see how it goes.” I take my things and go to Tivoli and there I fall into depression.” According to what the entrepreneur Bocchi says, “she began to ask for what she thought she was entitled to, a whole series of requests that I could not not satisfy because I no longer had the resources. From there was born a request for judicial separation.”

Noémi Bocchi's complaint

The thesis of Caucci, a travertine entrepreneur, clashes with that put forward by Noemi Bocchi in the complaint filed in September 2019 at the Prati police station, in Rome. In the complaint, also reported by Corriere della Sera, the woman states that she “would have preferred to maintain a civil relationship”, but having received “no contribution for the maintenance of her children”, she was “forced to file a complaint for judicial separation. Only at the beginning did the man pay child support, agreed in April 2019 and amounting to 1,250 euros for each child, but he did not meet the dates. Not only. “Caucci immediately demanded that I interrupt my studies and prevented me from undertaking any work. He said that I should take care of the family and that in any case my income would have no importance compared to the family budget,” Bocchi reported at the time. On the night of May 1, 2019, the situation worsened. The man calls her insistently on the phone. At home, the newspaper reports, a friend has stopped to sleep and she invites him to leave, fearing her ex's reactions. The businessman arrives and threatens to “never leave the intercom”. Once inside, according to what is reported in the complaint, he puts his hands around her neck, pulls her and attacks her. Bocchi, medical report in hand, reports. The rest is history of the trial which, in June, will reach its first sentence in first instance.


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