Breathtaking figures to conquer one of the most glamorous spaces in Italy, or rather in the fashion world. We are in Milan, in the heart of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Here, luxury brands literally compete to obtain the concession of spaces belonging to the municipality. Tiffany won the last auction: the jewelry house will pay the municipality of Milan an annual fee of 3.6 million, for a commercial area of ​​174.5 square meters. The windows, overlooking the central Octagon, were until now occupied by Swarovski. Tiffany's offer exceeded the tender base, set at 506 thousand euros per year, by approximately seven times. The game was closed after 27 restarts and ten prestigious brands, admitted to the public procedure, played. With this latest award, the value of the fee for a store in the monumental complex reached more than 20 thousand euros per square meter. Since 2019, we read in the Palazzo Marino press release, “the enchantment mechanism has been introduced for the renewal of the concessions of the most prestigious spaces of the Salotto di Milano, namely the shops overlooking the Octagon and the first three adjacent windows on the Octagon. four arms of the Gallery. So far, five stores have been rewarded using this type of procedure: Armani, Fendi, Dior, Santoni and Loro Piana.

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