A team of French bakers set a new record on Sunday by producing a 140.53 meter long baguette in Suresnes, a Paris suburb.

The Guinness Book of Records for one of the emblems of French cuisine returns “home” after five years of being the preserve of Italian bakers who, in 2019, cooked a 132.62 meter long dish in Como.

The traditional French baguette should be around 60 cm long, made only with wheat flour, water, salt and yeast and weigh around 250 grams.

The record wand is therefore approximately 235 times longer than the normal wand.

“In addition to the measurement, other rules must be respected. Hygiene rules must be respected. The ingredients must be traditional and the cooking method traditional. Finally, it must be a single, continuous piece with no interruptions,” explained Guinness World Record judge Joanne Brent.

Part of the baguette was shared with the public present and the rest was distributed to the homeless.

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