Ice cream in Milan is safe and ice cream parlor owners can now breathe a sigh of relief. The controversy over the possible cessation of the sale of ice cream after midnight, walks in the center or in nightlife areas, found a happy ending after the introduction of a controversial ordinance against the sale and takeaway which will enter effective May 17. During the discussion in the municipal commission, the councilor for security Marco Granelli clarified that there will be no veto on the sale or take-out of ice cream, since the ordinance will mainly focus on drinks, especially alcoholic. “We will have the final text of the order at the end of the procedure for collecting observations, therefore by May 10, but we can say straight away that ice is not the element that interests us and will be excluded from the bans”, he announced Granules.

Here's what's included in the ban

“Regarding food, we are checking various technical options but they do not constitute the characteristic element of the order, because it will rather be drinks and especially alcohol. The objective – he insisted on repeating – is not the ice cream. » In recent weeks, the alleged ban on the sale of ice cream after midnight has ignited controversy, particularly in the political sphere, even attracting international media attention. It all started because the notice sent to merchants for feedback spoke generically about a “ban on the sale and takeaway of food and beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, from midnight to 6 a.m.” , generating quite a few reactions. confusion. Now that the issue has been clarified, Economic Development Councilor Alessia Cappello criticizes the dissemination of this “non-news”, calling it a “smear campaign” that has damaged the image of the city of Milan, both national and international level. . “Those who will pay the consequences will be commercial activities, because they say there is a ban that does not exist,” comments Cappello.

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