Migratory flows have deep roots especially in cities like Palermo, just think of all the peoples who have succeeded one another until now, starting with the Byzantines, the Arabs and the Normans. Obviously, immigration changes, mutates, in fact new people continue to find themselves in this wonderful city, one above all, that African.

In Palermo, migratory flows are constant, in fact there are around 25,000 foreigners living there (or 4% of the resident population), coming from 132 different countries. Africa is one of them and what is curious is that it is really well rooted, sharing daily life with the Palermitans. In fact, he does not stop at stereotypes or prejudices, but in a very natural and instinctive way he breaks them and looks at his foreign friend with different eyes.

Migration flows in Europe

Usually, migratory flows of people arriving from non-aligned countries target the northernmost part of Europe, given that Italy and especially our south mainly pass through there. In fact, ahead of us in terms of permanent reception we find countries like Germany (with a high concentration of Turks), the United Kingdom and France. One of the main reasons is certainly family reunification, which for years has brought together families separated by migration. However, as I have already mentioned, there are still people and communities who manage to integrate in the best possible way in southern Italy without necessarily passing through Northern Europe or other even more distant destinations.

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Senegal, a reality of Palermo

Among the different migration and the communities present in the Palermo region, we see that Senegalese, rich in traditions and determination, the same one who helped Doudou Diouf and Kaba arrived from Ivory Coast, who entrusted him to his colleague Erika Mattio, to give substance to their current project. Doudou says: My dream is to see Africa united, with a single currency and a single language..

Doudou’s story is truly significant. In fact, he is one of the “heroes” who arrived in Italy in a completely legal way, obtaining a visa from the Senegalese consulate, then taking off from the Blaise Diagne international airport in Dakar and landing on Sicilian territory, in a “very ordinary” setting. “airline. Moreover, shortly after arriving at Palermo he managed to get a loan from the bank and now, after 13 years, he owns three businesses (two associative and one commercial). Despite this, it should be clarified that the commercial activity we are talking about concerns your restaurant. ethnic inside the historic Vucciria market in Palermo!

What is interesting, and which shakes up the paradigm of hospitality, is that Doudou and his staff (mainly of African origin) are there ready to welcome the Toubabs!

Romina Vivona vice-president of the Africa Djengu association

An example that will surely encourage more migrants have more courage, more awareness of one’s history and one’s abilities, to avoid remaining on the margins of the social scale as often happens.

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