Dua Lipa feels like an Alpha Woman: “We are double, strong but also vulnerable”

Dua Lipa feels like an Alpha woman. After winning her seventh Brit Award, the singer says that “the power of women lies in duality: knowing how to be strong but also vulnerable. The idea that we just have to be strong is toxic. We must give ourselves the freedom to feel any emotion, be confident in who we are and proud of what we do. To me, that means being “alpha.” In the interview given today to Republic explains that in life, it is important “to learn to understand ourselves, to know what we deserve, what makes us feel good, what our place is in the world. Once you understand this, you also know what you should run away from and what you should let go of. It’s a path of achievement.”


Whereas for her, freedom is “the power to express myself authentically”. It's important to be able to choose when to be hyper-feminine and when to have a masculine tone. You should never lock yourself into aesthetic standards.” Finally, she explains why she puts lipstick on her lips: “In fact, lipstick is, in general, my favorite makeup product. Even when I don't want to wear makeup, I still wear lipstick. So I feel very comfortable having my lips so shiny, so the center of attention. It couldn't have been better than becoming the face of LoveShine.”

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