Noemi and Ermal Meta will present the concert which will take place like every year on May 1st in Rome. He hosts the opening at 1:15 p.m. Big mama with Albe, Cioffi, Diego Lazzari and Nashley, Etta, Gaudiano, Irbis. The 3 finalists of the 1MNext competition dedicated to emerging artists Atarde, Giglio, Moonari will also perform at Circus Maximus for a final which will designate the grand winner of the competition. The live Rai broadcast will be as always on Rai3 and in HD on channel 501 from 3:15 p.m. Rai Radio 2, official voice of the Concertone live on radio and video on the DDT 202 channel, as well as on RaiPlay and Rai Italia.

United to organize the concert at the Circus Maximus the three confederated unions CGIL, CISL and UIL, with these slogans: Europe of peace, work and social justice. “We believe it is important to affirm the construction of a Europe in which people and work once again become central points of reference – declared the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini – so that new generations are not not faced with a future of precariousness. We want to put work, social justice and peace at the center to restore hope for the future. Landini recalled that in December the European union took to the streets in Brussels “to demand that austerity policies be called into question because there is a need for new policies, for a Europe built not only on money but on social rights and work We want to send a message of hope and peace and allow the world of entertainment and culture to express themselves and to develop and support these slogans together. .

A strong call “to politics, to parties, to candidates in the European elections to help us build a Europe of the people, a Europe of the people, the true Europe which takes up the spirit which characterized the continent's commitment during the pandemic and after the pandemic.” pandemic phase when it freed up economic resources to help states recover from the rubble of the pandemic emergency”, underlined Luigi Sbarra (CISL).. Sbarra explained that the confederal unions want to send a “strong message to young people and to all generations” in favor of peace and European integration. The EU – he underlined – is called upon to address questions of social justice and quality of work and must “loosen the constraints and rigidities of the Stability Pact” to adopt “a common defense policy, security, social justice”, remedying the many existing disparities and inequalities. “We want to give a signal – Sbarra concluded – we want more Europe in Italy and more Italy in Europe to overcome the transformations of the great transitions and also the great demographic crisis, to give a future and a perspective to the continent and work together for the construction of the United States of Europe.

A concert with “young people and music to convey messages that no longer seem fashionable: peace, dignity and work. We want a more united Europe, one that knows how to respond to those who are left behind,” he declared. Pierpaolo Bombardieri (UIL). According to the UIL leader, “the choices that are made do not go in this direction, they do not promote peace, the dignity of work, solidarity, they do not provide the possibility of addressing issues of precariousness, low wages, inequality. and job security. We can't look away. » Bombardieri recalled that the union demonstration will take place this year in Monfalcone (Gorizia), around Eastern Europe and the threats against European peace. “What Europe are we going to offer to young people? We strongly feel the need to continue the commitment to solidarity, to go beyond the economic choices which, in the Stability Pact, only exclude investments in weapons. We want to offer young people a future of peace and great dignity of work”, he concluded..

Here is the artists who will perform at Circus Maximus (in alphabetical order): Achille Lauro, Alda, Anna Castiglia, Ariete, Bigmama, Bloom, Caffellatte & Giuze, Giocamifaro, Coez & Frah Quintale, Colapesce Dimartino, Cor Veleno, Cosmo, Dargen D'amico, Ditonellapiaga, Ermal Meta, Ex-Otago, La Municipal, The representative of the list, Leo Gassmann, Lina Simons, Mahmood, Malika Ayane, Maria Antonietta E Colombre, Mazzariello, Mille, Morgan, Motta, Negramaro, Noemi, Olly, Piero Pelù, Piotta, Rosa Linn, Rose Villain, Santi Francesi, Stefano Massini and Paolo Jannacci, Tananai, Teseghella, Tripolar, Tropico, Ultimo, Uzi Lvke, Vale Lp.

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