“Our Europe is mortal, it can die.” Avoiding this prospect “depends solely on our choices. And these choices must be made now. » These are the words of French President Emmanuel Macron during his speech on Europe at the Sorbonne University of Paris. The president's speech opens the electoral campaign for the European elections, an appointment set in six weeks. The identical choice of venue for the speech, format and duration, 7 years after that of September 26, 2017, announces Macron's desire to once again offer himself as a driving force and to influence the agenda of the next European Commission. According to the number one at the Elysée, Europe “must no longer be a vassal of the USA”. “L'Europa non è soltanto un pezzetto dell'Occidente – ha sottolineato – ma è un monde chethought alla propria universalità e vuole build partnership equilibrate e per farlo è essenziale aggiungere questo ai nostro sforzi per l'ecologia et agli altri progressi che abbiamo finished”. For Macron, the European economic model is no longer viable. “Europe is in a situation of encirclement”, he declares, while also speaking of a “generalized rearmament of the world”. Face in this context, “today we are still too slow, not ambitious enough”. And this suggests a common debt to invest in European defense.

“The future of France is inseparable from the future of Europe”

“The future of France is inseparable from the future of Europe,” he declared. During these seven years, “we have not gone far enough but progress has been made in terms of unity and sovereignty.” The latest polls give the far-right list of the National Rally, led by Jordan Bardella, at 31% of voting intentions, far ahead of Hayer (16%) and the surprise Raphaël Glucksmann, who leads the Socialist Party and Place publique e who is 13%. Macron speaks of a “change of pace in terms of defense”, explaining that “the essential condition for our security is that Russia does not win the war of aggression against Ukraine”.

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