Laugh even with music. Valerio Lundini's first album: “The public appreciates new things, they are not idiots” – The interview

Valerio Lundini's comedy is irresistible, as solid as his working method: carrying out projects in the most varied fields without ever losing his identity: “I don't believe much in 'making room for young people', I believe rather in doing things with the desire to do them well”, he says in this interview with Open the Roman comedian, born in 1986. The truth is that something more is also needed to be able to question the status quo, especially when it comes to art aimed at the general public: “There is always this logic – he explains again to Open – so things that people like, even many people, can't be done because someone comes along and tells you it's cool but people don't understand it. They are the real enemies of all of us, those who say that things are not understood and who blame a hypothetical stupid audience. There is this tendency to always treat the audience like idiots, so to always try not to do new things.” Lundini, with talent, courage and without scruples, does something really new: his comedy no Sens has found great availability among the public for a trend that goes back to Cochi and Renato, through Frassica and Lillo&Greg. And today – after the Internet, television, cinema, theater and bookstores – he also aims to conquer the world of music with his Vazzanikki and the album Lover of lifea very funny comedy album.

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