Another noEight of the landings at Lampedusa.

Four small boats arrived on the island overnight with 166 migrants on board, in addition to the 272 on board eight boats that arrived yesterday. Indeed, thanks to the calm sea, in less than 24 hours, 438 migrants disembarked.

Currently, after the transfer of 200 people placed at the Contrada Chaos hotspot, there are 240 migrants in the first reception center in Lampedusa. For the morning, the Agrigento prefecture has planned the transfer of another 200 people with the ferry “Sansovino” which will arrive in Porto Empedocle in the evening.

The last emergency vehicles have all left Sfax, Tunisia. The first, with 20 people from Bangladesh and Guinea Konakry on board, was spotted and rescued by the NGO Maldusa which transferred the migrants to the coast guard patrol boat.

Migrants, including women and minors, from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal they told the rescuers that they had paid 500 or 600 euros to be taken on board on metal boats.

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