Kamala Harris hypothesis grows if Biden steps down, White House indiscretion. Obama's pessimism

Seven “senior” sources from Joe Biden's direct team, the White House and the Democratic National Committee told the agency. Reuters that, in the event that the current president were to withdraw from the race in the elections next November, the party's first choice would go to Kamala Harris. In addition to the current vice president, other names circulating are those of the governors of California and Michigan, Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer. However, according to the news agency, it would be difficult to get around Harris who, if nominated, would inherit both the funds raised by Biden and the structure built for his electoral campaign.

In the event that Biden continues to appear “fragile” in his next public appearances, at least 25 Democratic lawmakers still support the Reuters – they would be ready to ask him to renounce his candidacy. A particular tension is recorded around the interview that the current occupant of the White House will grant to ABC: this will allow us to understand how the president will handle a rapid succession of questions. In the meantime, Barack Obama's concerns have leaked out. The former president also reportedly described Biden's path to re-election as “difficult”, after his performance in the televised debate against Donald Trump. The Washington Post writes that Obama would have still offered his support to Biden after the confrontation CNN.

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