Image of the world's largest mussel captured in Olbia is generated with AI

At least one and a half meters, that's the apparent length of the world's largest mussel, according to an image circulating online. Although there are indeed bivalves of similar size, the image according to which the world's largest mussel was captured in Olbia was generated using artificial intelligence.

For those in a hurry:

  • There is a picture circulating of a mussel the size of a person.
  • It is said to be the largest mussel in the world, caught in Olbia.
  • The image was generated with artificial intelligence.


Let's see a screenshot of one of the messages being checked. The description reads:

It measures 1.5 meters and was caught in Olbia in Sardinia, the largest mussel in the world!

The image was also shared by pages such as

AI details

In the image there are many errors typical of those generated by artificial intelligence. Starting from the upper left corner, we can see the face of one of the people present in the audience, particularly crushed and deformed. Immediately below, the arm of the woman at her side, also unnaturally shaped and partially fused with the clothes she was wearing. This sensational mollusk is presented by a chef who has four fingers on one hand and an extremely short little finger on the other. Continuing to the right, two hands hold a telephone that barely covers a small head. Further up, we see a chandelier cut in two. Below, a lady with a deformed face, to the left of a man with one eye much larger than the other.

The largest mussel in the world

This is not to say that there are no bivalves of similar size (mussels are a colloquial term that can refer to many species). One of them is the Pinna Nobiliswidespread in various areas of the Mediterranean Sea, including the waters of the Gulf of Naples, off the coast of Liguria and in the upper Adriatic. Typical of Posidonia meadows, the Pinna Nobilis It can reach 1.2 meters in length according to the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.


An image should prove that the largest mussel in the world was caught in Olbia, but it was generated by artificial intelligence.

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