Massimiliano Allegri's post-match was fiery at the Olimpico, despite the Italian Cup victory against Atalanta. The Juventus coach was sent off in the final minutes, leading to a small spectacle on the sidelines with shouts and the throwing of jackets and ties. Putting back a trophy after three years without a victory and winning the Italian Cup for the fifth time in his career were not enough to calm the minds of the Tuscan coach, whose future is still at stake. celebrations, he would also have dismissed the sporting director Giuntoli who had come down to the green pitch to join the team, and during the press conference at the end of the match, Allegri let slip statements which would suggest that his future is far away from the Juventus bench by the will of the company.

Insults towards the director of Tuttosport

But Allegri's Roman evening did not stop there and the rest was told by the director of the Tuttosport Guido Vaciago. “Allegri, visibly upset, was undergoing the last media task of his triumphant evening (but obviously not very serene), the press conference, but he found me for a few minutes,” says the journalist about the meeting in the stadium corridors. . “'Shit Director!' Yes, you shitty director. Write the truth in your journal, not what society tells you! Stop playing tricks on the club'”, the Juventus coach reportedly told him. A reconstruction that Allegri “totally denies”, as he indicates toHandle his lawyer Paolo Rodella. In the tunnels, specifies the lawyer, there was “a heated verbal altercation with the director” of Tuttosport, “due to the excitement of the moment”, during which both “insulted each other out loud” .

The clash in the corridors of the Olimpico

Vaciago's story continues: “To a first invitation to remain calm and to explain to me what was the truth that I was hiding from myself in concert with his employers, Allegri responded by pulling me, pushing me and with his finger under my nose he shouted: “Listen, I know where to pick you up. I know where to wait for you. I will come and tear off both your ears. I'll come and punch you in the face. Write the Truth in the Paper,” and other conveniences from the bar brawl repertoire.” The journalist then added that Allegri was taken away by the head of the Juventus press office and an employee of the Lega Serie A: “Sorry for those who expected something bloodier and sorry for the rudeness of those who, especially in public, should maintain a different attitude. » In the article where he reconstructs what happened, Vaciago says he is ready to understand the manager's anger, probably fueled by months of tension, “he's a human being and it can happen”, and anything can enter into the comparison, even the insult, “but not the threat. The threat is vile, intimidating and even dangerous, in a world where the possibility of someone bothering to put it into practice always risks finding them. » The journalist then claimed responsibility for the actions of the newspaper he runs: “The truth, we Tuttosport, we have always written it and we will always write it. With our opinions, which we like or not (exactly like Allegri's game), but they remain as such and we express them politely, without pushing and remaining open to dialogue with anyone who wants to contradict them. With education and without pressure, obviously.”

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