here is the legal white powder that looks like cocaine, it's called Sniffy

No difference from cocaine, at least in color and appearance. His name is Sniffy, and his name says it all: it sells for between 14 and 20 euros per gram and can be sniffed through the nose. It sounds like a drug, but it's all perfectly legal. It is a product that is easily found both at the tobacconist but also online, it is already becoming a trend among very young people, thanks to the internet. Austria, Germany and Switzerland have been distributing it for some time, and for weeks it has also been circulating in France, where it is on sale in certain tobacconists. But the French Ministry of Health takes a position by defining the product as absolutely legal and to be avoided. The substance quickly became the subject of heated controversy in French society.

A powder that promises immediate energy, an immediate “hit” that allows you to instantly increase your energy for 20-30 minutes”. The basis of the substance is caffeine, taurine and creatine but with strawberry flavor, of mint, lime or passion fruit to make it usable and captivating, however, it recalls the imagery of real drug addiction, Sniffy, in fact, is inhaled with a special mini-straw sold with the product, and this gesture makes the association with the most famous white powder, cocaine. Many influencers also promote the product online and although it is naturally reserved for adults, it is especially successful with adolescents. “fun” product that does good, they warn all children and even parents: its use could lead to many other vices, to experimentation with other substances.

The French government is sounding the alarm and taking a position on the white powder which strongly resembles cocaine. The Minister of Health, Frédéric Valletoux is ready to ban it “as soon as possible” and describes Sniffy as “trash”. Naturally, the company that produces the white powder assures that “everything will be fine” and that the danger mentioned by experts and the French government does not exist. Respect the recommended daily dose: no more than two grams per day and then… legal energy guaranteed

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