The government's idea of replace Covisoc (Supervisory Commission of Professional Football Clubs) with a agency for the control of budgets and accounts of professional football and basketball clubs give one binding opinion on registrations for championships, There is some discontent with this, but it remains on the table. The Minister of Sports, Andrea Abodi, stressed that the project had been circulating in the press in recent days. “can undergo improvement” but “it will not be fundamentally distorted.”

The objective is precisely to create an economic and financial supervision agency for professional sports clubs and to outsource “until now, controls were carried out only internally, through a third-party public body with full regulatory and therefore decision-making autonomy.”

The subject has been on the agenda for about a yearunderlined Abodi, recalling the rule on financial controls of professional clubs brought to the Council of Ministers last summer.

The ball passes to the Football Federation. President Gabriele Gravina summoned this afternoon at 6:00 p.m. Via Allegri an emergency meeting with the presidents of the federal components. The football clubs are on a war footing, they consider that this is a proposal which will have no future because it undermines sporting autonomy.

The same opinion President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò who in the pages of the Gazzetta dello sport speaks of “the autonomy of sport violated 100%“. And he adds: “We risk ridiculing the whole world. Like all things, we can and, in fact, we should try to improve them. However, this rule was not created to improve the situation. But we need to change the rules of the game.”

“The federation will have the necessary time to study” the law, deepen it and make proposals, Abodi's opinion.

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