Giacomo Bozzoli, the images of the hotel in Marbella with his family the day before the judgment – The video

The Spanish authorities have evidence to locate Giacomo Bozzoli in Marbella, on the Andalusian coast, between Malaga and Gibraltar, on June 30. In the surveillance cameras of a luxury hotel in the city, Bozzoli is with his partner Antonella Colossi and her 9-year-old son. The images were broadcast exclusively by Tg1. There has been no news of the man, against whom a European arrest warrant is outstanding, since July 1, when he was definitively sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his uncle, which occurred on October 8, 2015 in the family of founders in Marcheno. , in the province of Brescia. Initially, it was not clear whether it was an escape or a misunderstanding, but as the days went by, it became clear that the man had taken advantage of this trip to escape arrest. The Brescia prosecutor's office, which requested the acquisition of the images by rogatory commission, is waiting to view the video which also confirms the version of the receptionist who claimed to have recognized him. On July 5, his partner returned to Italy with her son and assured investigators that she did not remember anything: since the announcement of the conviction, she had lost her memory and does not know where Bozzoli is. According to an investigation hypothesis, he reached Morocco by sea but investigators are also studying other leads.

Giacomo Bozzoli with his partner and son in Marbella in the images of the video in possession of the Spanish authorities broadcast exclusively by Tg1

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