The Israeli army attacked Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. It is the largest in the city of Palestine. The Israeli army announced a “high-precision” military operation following intelligence information about the presence of senior Hamas officials in the medical complex. As of 2 a.m. (Italian time), witnesses reported ongoing bombings and air operations in the Al-Rimal neighborhood. The presence of tanks around the hospital building was also reported. “We know that Hamas terrorists gathered inside the hospital[Al-Shifa]and use it to organize attacks against Israel,” Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a video posted on Twitter. X.

“Humanitarian effort”

Hagari added that Tel Aviv's army would carry out a “humanitarian effort” during the assault. Stressing that there is “no obligation” for patients and medical staff to evacuate the health establishment. The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip denounced the incursion, saying the shooting inside the hospital constitutes “a war crime” that “threatens the lives of thousands of people inside the medical complex.” . Hamas called on “the United Nations, international organizations and all countries of the free world to urgently intervene to stop Israel.” The specialized surgical building located within the complex is on fire. Israeli tanks are stationed in front of the main gate.

“30 thousand trapped”

Gaza's health ministry says 30,000 people are stuck in Al-Shifa hospital. These include displaced civilians, injured patients and medical personnel. “Anyone who tries to move is shot at,” the ministry wrote on Telegram.

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