Fedez the beating of Iovino, the images from the security cameras: “He is the first to get out of the van” – The video

A new video appears that could help shed light on what happened on the evening of April 22 via Traiano, in Milan. That day took place the beating of Cristiano Iovino, a 37-year-old personal trainer, for which Fedez is under investigation. The images from surveillance cameras do not give a clear picture but immortalize what appears to be some kind of punitive expedition. In the video, some figures can be seen getting out of a black van. The first of them, according to some witnesses, would be Fedez himself. A few seconds later, one of them tries to throw two punches at Iovino, but misses. It was then that the rest of the group showed up, also made up of a few Milanese ultras. The 37-year-old was hit by a volley of kicks and punches which he struggled to resist.

The ambush as soon as we arrived there

What is most clear from the video is that in the moments leading up to the attack, there was no discussion or argument. The people who got out of the black van immediately and without hesitation attacked the 37-year-old man. Shortly before this moment, in reality, Iovino and Fedez had already met in the famous nightclub The Club, from which they were expelled following a fight. The 37-year-old personal trainer never filed a complaint about the beating, and in recent days his lawyers agreed with Fedez's legal team to sign a deal and stop the investigations. However, the work of the prosecution continues, starting with the collection of testimonies from vigilantes, which could help to understand what the images from surveillance cameras do not completely illuminate.

On the cover: On the left, Fedez; on the right, Cristiano Iovino

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